Oh, how nice it would be to feel serene and submissive and happy all the time. But with me the submissiveness never seems to last; it wears off, and then I'm my usual self again. I am a shrew who can be tamed, but only on a temporary basis. A sort of Timeshare Taming.

Louise C

Taken In Hand Tour start | next Have you seen the following articles? Stereotypes A good leader accepts that he is only human In my room What do all the different types of Taken In Hand relationship have in common? Looking into the mirror of life Romantic rituals for the taken in hand Impregnation The importance of conquest What do you mean, you want to be taken in hand?! Could you be a slave, owned, property? 2004 Jun 25 - 10:46 | add new comment | latest article | previous article | next article | permanent link Louise I've beem reading Louise's comments here and following a bit tiff here at home, I can asure all your readers that she will indeed be 'Taken in Hand'......Her Husband!

by The Master on 2004 Jun 25 - 16:38 | reply to this comment If we were all like that... Louise wrote:

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