I think the saddest part is how she points out that her freshman year “boyfriend” didn’t love her. No guy has ever loved me either… but she’s slept with all those guys. And she doesn’t have even a little love to show for it. So sad!

104Joe March 21, 2012 at 12:40 am @Charm ‘s’ok. What I was trying to write came out awkwardly. Apparently, I need to get off-line as badly as you! ;) Joe´s last [type] ..Reader’s Digest Rewatch: The Intro Arc

105ksn March 21, 2012 at 1:00 am Hear me out on this. Charm, as great as your comments have been, you do not understand. Emileigh’s not in danger of ending up with a beta. She’s living in fear of ending up alone.

I agree with you on this. While I do not have much sympathy, I do have some and the fact is the fear of bearing alone is terrifying. More so for women than men, I think biological evolution, and the reality that men live in, has left men somewhat more inundated; though it doesn’t make men impermeable to those fears. But I do have fears for the ‘beta’ boy she will end up with. While the fact she recognizes her problems are a positive sign, I still wouldn’t be on any of her future relationships working out.

106anonymous March 21, 2012 at 1:07 am Here are some suggestions

1- Send her to Roissy and Roosh’s sites (well, this would’ve been ideal before she started hookingup) 2- Find a sex addiction program/sex therapist/counselor 3- Take a self-defense class so that she can learn to be assertive (in case she was raised to be a “nice” girl who can’t “NO!”) 4- Find/form a support group 5- No more; drinking, hanging out alone with guys, cut ties with her “friends” if they’re living the hookup lifestyle- until she gets things sorted out. 6- Learn what makes a woman a good catch, so that she can learn how to keep a man interested that doesn’t involve hookingup . 7- Join a gym, volunteer- to build up some self-esteem

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