Anatomy video lessons

I love Anatomy Master Class! In this online video course, I learn human anatomy for artists and how to draw people and portraits realistically while understanding the anatomy and dimensions of the human body. I learnt more in 25 video classes about human anatomy for artists than I did in four years at art school. I have a lifetime membership in the Anatomy Master Class and receive personal support from the course lecturers. This is a fantastic course where I learnt all I needed to know about anatomy in one spot; I studied human anatomy quickly and easily, with lifelong access to video courses and bonuses. In the anatomy course video classes, I simply learn what is important for an artist, without having to memorize Latin names. This is an excellent course since it covers all you need to know about classical proportions of the human body, head and face, skeletal anatomy, muscular anatomy, step-by-step figurative drawing, drawing human figures from memory and imagination, and creating realistic portraits. Check out this online master class to learn more

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