jim Says: October 23rd, 2012 at 8:13 pm I have a problem i been with my girl for two and a half years we were engaged and jusy had a miscarage in the begining she left me and slept with her babies daddy twice then she came back and she was crying i forgave her she just turned 21 im 35 but look 24 any way we were living together for teo and a half years every time we went out we had fun but over time when we got into a fight she would ignore me all day or leave thrn come back and say this is were my heart wants to be do we fix things and it would be ok we she got mad at me got a little jealousy and controlling she told me over and over in notes she loves me and wantd to merry me and grow old with me and shes so lucky to have me well now shes been gone for 3 months got het own place and is seeing and fucking this guy i ment when we first started dating and she said i dont have to worry about him hes like a brother to me now shes taking it slow he stays over at her place every time i try to talk to her she says jim stop just move on i dont want this no more well i love her and want to merry her how can i get her back and do u think she eill come back

th her and my fried said i should be dating som1 else and all this stuff that she was beter and deep down i love her when i rlly love my girlfriend and she wont trust me and weve made up and forgot about it befor but this time we r sad and it wont be the same now what????

David Says: November 21st, 2012 at 11:02 pm hi, i and me girl had this argument 2 nights ago because i ran late picking her from work. i apologised, she then said she did not want to talk to me. I left her and played xbox in the lounge. Next thing she begins to do things to annoy me, i begged her to not let the situation burst outta proportion. Well today we still arguing, and i did the most stupid thing, i pushed and yelled so loud at her, now i haven’t done that before to her, p.s i have major anger issues, so now she is said its over and that the only way i can get her back is to ensure her that i have no anger problems, and she is not taking me word for it, she wants it confirmed by my gp. btw even if i done this, she says there’s a greater chance she won’t accept me. i enrolled with a therapist online, what can i do, i really love her, i am sure not to do that again, what can i do to preserve it?

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